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T Print

Sri Lanka’s tea industry in the past few years has become increasingly sophisticated in the use of packaging to market it’s teas abroad.
The growing demand for quality teabags necessitates quality printing of tags and envelopes for discerning buyers abroad.

T-Print – as it’s name suggests caters to the needs of the direct and indirect exporters providing quality tags and envelopes.

The Company

Quality is the bottom line at T-Print. We aim to bring to every order the same level of quality and service we have become associated with.

Beginning with raw materials from among the leading suppliers in the world,we carry on the quality in our printing and supply of of tags and envelopeson selected high quality paper and paperboards.

Our Services

Our complete range of services include designing, artwork and plate making to our quality printing and finishing.

With the ability to provide service at short notice and delivery to the customer’s doorstep, our service is aimed at servicing the exporter’s needs fully.

From the point of conceptualization to the delivery of the finished product, we cater to your needs completely!

Our Product Range

  • Constanta Envelopes
  • Constanta Tags
  • Maisa Envelopes
  • Ima C2000 , Ima C21 and Ima C23
  • Ima Envelopes
  • Ima Tags
Rotary slitting

We also offer Rotary slitting and rewinding services. Our technology extends to slitting on virtually every paper option : Art board, art paper, filter, poster paper, bank paper, kraft paper, metalized paper, BOPP, sticker paper and brown paper.
  • Ceylon Tea

    Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka known as the best tea in the world has its natural unique uniqueness and reputation running through more than a century. The tea sector in Sri Lanka has always been a vital part of its economy. For over a century Ceylon Tea has been the best tea throughout the world since its unique characteristics, flavors and aromas, dependent on a myriad of climatic conditions, plantation environments and elevation.

  • Green Tea

    There are three main varieties of tea, green, black, and oolong. The difference between the teas is in their processing. Green tea is made from unfermented leaves and supposedly contains the highest concentration of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. So it is noted that green tea has many health benefits. Olinda green tea with its fragrant and delicate taste is also available in packets for those who prefer to drink green tea the traditional way.

  • Black Tea

    Black tea is an esteemed classic throughout the world. Because of the fermentation process, black tea is usually richer in color, more penetrating in flavor, and has a higher percentage of caffeine compared to other teas. For those who prefer milder flavors, you can add a dash of honey, cream, or soymilk for a truly delightful sipping experience.

  • Sri lanka Tea

    Tea Production in Srilanka, formerly Ceylon, is of high importance to the Sri Lankan economy and the world market. Sri lanka is the world's fourth largest exporter of tea and the industry is one of the country's main sources of foreign exchange and a significant source of income for the country.

  Eswaran Brothers (Pvt) Ltd is the leading quality tea supplier in Sri Lanka. Visit our online shopping cart to buy Fresh Ceylon Tea, Healthy Green Tea, Black Tea and Flavored Tea. Enjoy the best flavors of Ethical Silk Road Tea recipes with our wide range of tea bags.

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